Farm & Dairy

Our farmstead cheeses are produced exclusively using milk from our flock of British Milk Sheep. We are responsible for milk every step of the way: from sheep, to milk, to cheese, to market.

Our animals spend their days rotating through fresh pastures and lounging in the shade of tree-lined fields. Twice daily the ewes are fed a small treat of certified organic grain in exchange for their creamy, nutritious milk.

We use raw (unpasteurized) milk that is never frozen. Since our milk and cheeses are produced on the same farm no transport time is needed and thus we use only the freshest milk possible.

Cheeses are made by hand in small-batches twice weekly from May to October using traditional recipes and aged for a minimum of 90 days.

In 2011 we completed construction of our dairy and cheese making facility. This includes separate spaces for milk storage, cheese making, an aging cave and packaging room. We use the utmost care and organic cleaners to keep this space spic and span. 



Milkhouse Tomme is based on a traditional French Recipe from a cheese called Tomme de Savoie; a cheese native to the French Alps.  Traditionally a skimmed cow's milk cheese, Milkhouse Tomme is made with a full cream sheep's milk, leading to a richer flavour and creamy texture.  The cheese has an edible, natural rind which adds an earthy flavour.  Our interest in Tomme de Savoie grew out of the enjoyment of a now retired cheese maker's take on the classic called "Tomme de Gaston."


Milkhouse Feta is a Greek favorite (literally, we've got a greek following at the Ottawa Farmer's Market which has given us the thumbs up on this one!).  Traditionally Feta is a sheep's milk cheese with a history stretching back thousands of years.  Milkhouse Feta is a salty, creamy cheese - perfect for crumbling on salads, or adding to pizzas, quiche or eating at the table. 

At 3 months young, the Milkhouse Tomme is rich and firm with a natural rind that picks up nuances of the surrounding meadow. The flavour is earthy with layers of an eggy tang, butter and a hint of grassiness weaving through some slight nutty tannins. It finishes long with a sweet but dry creamy texture on the palette. It will continue to mature beautifully into one of Ontario’s most complex and satisfying cheeses. Enjoy it now as an addition to cheese boards where red wines or full bodies whites will be served.
— Lynn Ogryzlo, The Ontario Table