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Flank Steak Sandwiches

Broiled in the oven, our Milkhouse Tomme takes on a whole new flavour. We like to use leftover beef tenderloin from the night before for a quick and easy meal. These tasty baguettes are equally suitable as a main course or appetizers! 


1 baguette

Chipotle mayo (mix plain mayonnaise with chipotle chili powder to taste)

Red onion, sliced and caramelized

Flank steak or beef tenderloin, cooked medium-rare and sliced thin

Milkhouse tomme, sliced


For a main course, slice the baguette in half lengthwise or for appetizers slice into rounds. 

Layer baguette, chipotle mayo, flank steak, caramelized onions & tomme. Broil until warmed and cheese turns golden brown. Enjoy!