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Fall 2019: We have lamb available by the cut at the Lansdowne Farmers Market every Sunday from 9-3pm.  We will have half- and whole-lamb freezer orders available October - December 2019.

Our British Milk Sheep lambs are happy and healthy grazing through tree-lined fields where they belong - outside!

Rotational grazing ensures our lambs are always eating fresh forage and not spending time on soiled acreage. In the winter months our lambs remain outdoors eating hay that we harvest from the farm during the growing season (with plenty of shelter, water, and fresh bedding). Our llama Rupert lives with the lambs year-round and keeps them safe.

Our lamb is hormone free and we do not use preventative antibiotics. We follow organic practices whenever possible but are not certified organic. Humane treatment of our animals is our top priority. 

Our lamb is priced by the hanging weight; typically between 20-25 lbs per half lamb. The actual take home weight is less depending on your cutting preferences, deboning etc. 

Butcher paper: $8.95/lb hanging weight

Vacuum sealed: $9.85/lb hanging weight

All lamb is cut to order based on your family's preferences, labeled, & frozen. Lamb is wrapped in either brown butcher paper or vacuum sealed in recyclable bags depending on your preference. 

You may pick your order up at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. We also make regular deliveries in the Smiths Falls/Perth/Carleton Place area and into Ottawa at no extra charge. If you live a little farther away we are happy to coordinate a convenient spot to meet you.



Please fill out an order form below. Payment is cash, cheque (written to Milkhouse Farm & Dairy), credit card, or e-transfer upon pick up/delivery. An average half lamb will cost approximately $180-210 and a whole lamb approximately $360-420 but may be more or less depending on the exact size of the lamb and packaging chosen. You may request a smaller or larger lamb if you wish (depending on availability).

We will contact you via email (unless otherwise specified) when your order is ready to arrange for pick up or delivery. 

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Please choose your preferred batch date (subject to availability): Pick up on farm, local delivery (Ottawa, Smiths Falls & area), or pick up at the Lansdowne Farmers Market are available.
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Leg *
A whole “leg of lamb” will feed 4-6 people or choose two half-roasts to feed 2-4 people each. Bone in results in best flavour but boneless can be easier to manage. Butterflying the leg will have it sit flat and cook quickly. Best cooked on dry heat. CHOOSE ONE:
For roasts choose:
Shoulder *
An ideal cut to finish as stewing lamb and/or minced lamb. A tougher cut that can also be finished as a roast or chops. Does well if braised. CHOOSE ONE:
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Loin *
A tender and flavourful cut - most often finished as lamb chops. We suggest 3/4” chops, 4 per package for a dinner for two. Part of the loin can also be left as a rack - a real conversation starter at a dinner party!
Number of chops per pack:
Stew & Mince *
Great in a lamb stew (what a surprise) but also the base of many of our favourite indian dishes. Mince lamb is great for lamb burgers, meat balls or meatloaf. You can choose to have all stewing lamb, all mince or half & half. To increase the amount of mince and stewing lamb included in your order, we suggest including the shoulder and neck to supplement the trim.
Lamb Shanks *
Lamb shanks are an excellent braising meat. Otherwise this meat is added to stew/mince.
Neck *
Organ Meat *
An option for the adventurous chef. Includes heart, liver, & kidney.
Bones *
An option for the adventurous chef. Bones make an excellent soup stock.
Optional Add-Ons
Choose any extras to be included in your order! Please specify in notes below if you want more than one of any item.
Please let us know if you have any special requests or if you need your order by a certain date. We will do our best to accommodate!