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A big thanks goes out to all of our customers who ordered lamb in the first batch of 2013! 

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Each Fall we offer a selection of pasture-raised lamb for your freezer. It is our privilege to be able to offer healthy, nutritious pasture-raised lamb knowing that our animals had the 


summer possible.

After spending so much time over the summer caring for the lambs it isn't an easy part of the job. We have cared for these critters all summer long and spent many, many hours with them meeting their most basic needs (rain or shine!) for fresh pastures, clean air, sunshine, and shelter. Of course we have also indulged them in their endless quest for attention, offering a scratch on the head, while being entertained by their antics. In return they will provide us and our customers with nourishment all winter long as well as helping us towards our goal of a small-scale, sustainable farm.

Remaining Lamb Delivery Dates 2013 (approximate):

November 5th

November 25th

December 15th

Lamb is still available in limited quantities for the dates above so please 

contact us