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I've been meaning to sit down and write in this space for several weeks. Oops. Where has the time gone?! Summer has already crept up on us and it still seems as if we're scrambling to get everything done since lambing started - three months ago. Speaking of the lambs, its no surprise that they are getting bigger by the minute! 

IMG 2327

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This Spring was a challenging one as we slowly get into a new routine of caring for a much larger flock, milking twice a day, and cheese making several times a week. Even with the two of us working "full time" on the farm now our bare-minimum chores including milking for the day are about 5 hours worth. This has forced us to become more efficient in everything we do. Needless to say, it is a lot different to run a flock of 11 sheep than it is a flock of 120!

We've been milking and making cheese for nearly two months now which means we will have cheese available very soon! Feta will be up first towards the end of July and the first wheels of Tomme will be ready sometime early August. We hope to unveil a new cheese sometime this Fall as well! Our tastebuds can't wait...

Speaking of cheese, today is a cheese making day which means I'm next in line for the shower and then its time to get to work. For now, I'll leave you with a few photos taken over the last month and a half. Can those lambs get any cuter?!

IMG 2314
IMG 2217
IMG 2262
IMG 2295
IMG 2484
IMG 2434
IMG 2471
IMG 2547
IMG 2555
IMG 2883

That's all for now! There are several (thousand...oops!) more photos to go through in order to update this space. More to come soon!