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Shearing Day!

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Shearing day has come and gone and we are all happy to be done for the year. Especially the gals who just lost a good 8-10lbs and are much cooler for it. All in we had about 375 pounds of wool from the adults and probably another 150 pounds from the teenagers. Wow! 

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Skirting the wool to remove the dirtiest bits of wool and hay helps to reduce processing costs and makes for a cleaner finished product. We're looking to make yarns out of the black fleeces this time to go with the white we had processed last Fall. Another round of duvet batting is also on our list. 


Since we have so much wool this year we'll be selling all of the adults' wool as raw fleeces and processing just the lambs' wool (from our now 1-year olds first shearing). Selling raw fleeces is certainly not a lucrative deal but at the moment we have more wool than we know what to do with!

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It was a long day but this time we had lots of dedicated help - we owe a huge thank you for those who volunteered to help shuffle sheep and skirt the wool on such a hot day! Of course our shearer, Tom, was excellent with the sheep as always and put us all at ease. We started bright and early at 7AM and finished up around 7PM, with a break mid afternoon. Needless to say we were all happy to hit the showers after that. Can you say lanolin?!

Phew, fifty four sheep are now sporting fancy new do's!

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