Farm & Dairy

Hello, May


May already! Where did the month of April go? Life has been a blur lately with lambs galore. A few technical difficulties (or maybe just a single dead computer) aside, we have quite a few photos to share from the last few weeks! 


Technically we're still "lambing" but we have just one mama left to go and have been mostly finished (aside from twins born this past weekend) for a couple of weeks now. The count is up to sixty-six lambs born: forty ram lambs and twenty-six ewe lambs. 

So far we've had EIGHT sets of triplets which is quite a few more than we expected, although not so surprising. The British Milk Sheep are prolific lambers (nice work, Henry & Winston!) and can easily average twins and triplets once they've lambed a few times. This means more lambs overall and inevitably more bottle babies! 


Its been a lot of work and a few sleepless nights but we're having lots of fun out there. Of course they are the cutest little lambs ever (we're not biased) and are always getting up to no good. Their current favourite games are jumping in feeders, racing around in circles, long jump, high jump, and of course pleading with us for endless attention. Hard to get any work done around here! 


 Over the next few weeks we'll be scrambling around trying to get the last of the fencing installed, willing the grass to grow, and putting together a few upgrades for the cheese kitchen in time to start milking mid-May. Shearing day is just around the corner and now that its warming up out there these ladies will be more than happy to see Tom the shearer too!