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Winter's Last Hurrah!

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We are thankful for neighbours nearby with hay to spare; still feeling the effects of last year's drought

This time last year things were warming up, the snow was all but melted, and the mercury hit about 25C above freezing on the last day of winter. This time around we're in for another winter storm and have already had about 5cm of snow overnight. Winter's last hurrah!

We've been dashing around for the last few weeks fitting in all of the last minute projects, errands, and renovations in order to get ready for lambing. Business planning, stocking up on supplies for our lambing kit, doing our taxes, and all of the other things we'd rather not think about while we have lambs arriving. 

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Just like last year our flock is expanding which means a third barn expansion is well underway. Lambing pens, new lighting, walls, doors, feeders, waterers and so on! Finally for the first time we're feeling a bit more organized heading into lambing.

With two years under our belt and without any major projects to work on during lambing (cheese kitchen construction, wedding, renovations, off-farm work) we hope to be able to go through lambing feeling a little less exhausted and stressed than previous years. A little practice goes a long way in this case!

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The ewe "lambs" - for now, until they graduate to become the "teenagers"

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The gals are all getting special treatment these days as their "due dates" get closer. Everyone is getting pedicures (nail trims), vaccine boosters, and extra grain to fill their growing bellies. The added protein helps give them that extra bit of energy as have less room in their stomachs for lots of hay. They're also getting organic cider vinegar and kelp to give them a boost of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

We're getting excited to meet this new batch of lambs and can't wait to get back into the cheese kitchen!


The "teenagers", soon-to-be mamas