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Snowed In

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Its a few days March and the farm is still covered in snow. We had another huge snow storm last week and are grateful for every drop of snow we can get which we hope will make up for the drought we had last summer. We even lost power for a few hours one night and it felt a bit like the Ice Storm for a moment.

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The sheep don't seem to mind the snow or really even notice. They go about spending their time eating hay/snow/grain, popping over to the water trough, sunning themselves (assuming the sun does indeed come out) and gossiping the day away - three feet of snow or not.

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Vincent has settled into life as the solo barn cat and has taken quite happily to hibernating the winter away in the barn. Something about needing a lot of beauty sleep to prepare for a big summer of mousing.

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Can't forget the llamas! Sadie and Rupert get lots of attention from the lamb flock who they bunk with at night and head out to mind Winston and his flock during the day. Happy as can be!