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Lambing: Day Six


My phone has just alerted me that "lambing begins" today - by the books anyway. In reality we've already had six ewes have lambs since Sunday.

Twelve new lambs already! In contrast to last year, the scale is slightly tipped to favour ram lambs, which suits us just fine this year.

So far we have:

Annabel, March 29, 10 AM, ewe lamb

Gillian, March 29, 1AM, twin ram lambs

Amelia, March 28, 7AM, ewe lamb

Julie, March 28, 1AM, triplets, ewe lamb & two ram lambs

Emily, March 27, 5AM, triplets, ewe lamb & two ram lambs

Ziggy, March 24, 4PM, twins, one ewe lamb & one ram lamb

Who's next?