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Ready, Set, Shear!

Its that time of year again! Even though its still quite chilly out we're already looking ahead to Spring around here. Our favourite shearer is a popular guy so we've already picked a date. The third annual Shearing Day at Milkhouse will be April 17th. Lets hope for sun!

Unlike past years our flock is big enough now to get the day-time slot (woo hoo!). We'll be starting bright and early at 9AM (unlike last year where he came in the evening after he'd finished at another larger farm nearby).

Wool ready for skirting
Shearing Day 2011
The gals are getting pretty wooly out there and by April will be pleased as punch to take off their winter sweaters and won't complain about losing a few (8-10) pounds either! Don't they look oh-so fashionable?

Bridget and her ewe lambs 
The teenagers looking cheeky after their first haircut